Yaya Han's Ultimate Bodysuit Pattern

$15.99 - On Sale

This Ultimate Bodysuit pattern was designed by Yaya and is numbered M7217 for McCall's Cosplay Pattern Line!

Unlike other commercially available bodysuit patterns, the new M7217 pattern features:
- Side front/back seams
- Princess seams and under cup seams
- Crotch/hip seam.
- Option to install zipper in the front or back
- Option for full bodysuit or leotard only
- Easily customizable: lengthen or shorten the torso, take in or let out at the hips
- Includes separate pattern pieces for A/B, C and D cup sizes
- Designed for 2-way stretch knits, but can also be used with 4-way stretch fabrics

We sincerely hope that M7217 will make it easy for cosplayers (and everyone else) to tailor a bodysuit that will fit them like a glove, and use it as a base for thousands of costume ideas.

Pattern envelope is autographed by Yaya!

Please note that this is a paper sewing pattern and does not include any fabric. Thank you!

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