Yaya Han's Accessories Pack Pattern

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Now available from Yaya's collaboration with McCall's Patterns! This useful pattern pack of gloves and boot covers was designed by Yaya and is numbered M7397 for McCall's Cosplay Line!

M7397 features:
- EASY glove patterns - WITHOUT Gussets!
- 4 different types of gloves
- 2 arm warmer styles
- EASY boot covers for high heels
- Leg warmers and boot covers with stay on elastic casing

This was a pattern pack Yaya wanted to design from the very beginning of her McCall's collaboration! Through years of making and wearing gloves, she has realized that those pesky finger gussets aren't always necessary for cosplay costumes! Gusseted gloves are not only more complicated to make, but they often look bulky on your fingers. It's about time a simple 2 piece glove pattern is made commercially available.

This accessories pack will allow you to make gloves with the same stretchy fabrics as your costume, and fit them to your hand size! From opera length gloves (for Sailor Scouts, for example), to superhero style cuffed gloves, and even a fingerless glove, this pattern has you covered.
Additionally, there are two styles for boot covers, with a clean finished opening for a shoe heel, and two leg warmer options.

It is Yaya's hope that this pattern will save you from having to pattern out boot covers or guess your glove size each time you have to make them. Once you've made a mock up and are fitted to the right size, you'll be able to use the accessories pack pattern over and over again for many costumes in the future!

Pattern envelope is autographed by Yaya!

Please note that this is a paper sewing pattern and does not come with fabric. Thank you!

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