UV Reactive 2-Item Grab Bag - 30% Off!

$35.00 - On Sale

We made a super-limited run of special blacklight-reactive ears and horns, only available here in our online store, and many of them are one of a kind! \(°▽°)/

Feel free to request a certain UV color you see in the photo and we'll send it to you if we have it! (Please leave your request in the "Notes or instructions" box near the end of checkout.)

♡ Please allow for minor imperfections, as these items are handmade. Grab bag sales are final. Items and colors received may be more awesome than you anticipated. ;D

Top Selling

  • Worbla Thermoplastic - XL size 59" x 39.25"
  • Pony Ears
  • Unicorn Set: Pony Ears + Unicorn Horn
  • Cat Ears - Plain
  • Pegasus Set: Pony Ears + Wings