TranspArt Clear Thermoplastic - L size 39.25" x 29.5"


We now carry transparent thermoplastic! Completely see-through, this thermoplastic is perfect for various props and costume pieces such as visors, ice props, and so much more! TranspaArt has similar flexibility to regular Worbla.

TranspArt does have a higher melting temperature of 250° Fahrenheit compared to regular Worbla, which becomes malleable at 194° Fahrenheit. It's strongly advised that you wear work gloves and use various tools to shape TranspaArt.

This listing is for the LARGE size - 29.5"×39.25" (75cm×100cm)

The LARGE size is half of the EXTRA LARGE size. (If you want two LARGE sheets, you should order one EXTRA LARGE sheet instead. If you order two large anyway, you'll be sent an extra large.)

Currently, only shipping to US addresses is available, due to multiple customs incidences. We are looking for a better method to ship internationally.

Tips from the manufacturer:

- TranspArt does not have any indication to show when it is activated. It’s best to work with test pieces to get the hang of the material before starting a large project.
- TranspArt works best when heated gradually, compared to using a lot of heat in a short time.
- Work gloves are STRONGLY suggested. Smooth gloves and a damp sponge will prevent you from leaving marks in the plastic when it is heated.
- If overheated, TranspArt will start to form small bubbles or blisters in the plastic. These can’t be removed, though they are useful if you are trying to make something appear to be water.
- Once kneaded together, TranspArt scraps will take a milky, frosted appearance instead of the clear transparency.
- It is best to form shapes working one side at a time. You can use wax paper to support the section opposite while you work.
- TranspArt works best over positive molds. If using a negative mold, you may need to use clamps to keep sections in place.
- You can tint TranspArt with thermal tint films (usually used for headlights), dye it with iDye Poly, and paint it with acrylics, spray paint, and glass paints.
- Clean TranspArt with acetone or nail polish remover if you have residue from the mold process.
- Join TranspArt pieces with glue. Unlike WFA, TranspArt’s adhesive properties are difficult to use neatly.
- Solvent free glues are best, but all glues should work with TranspArt and TranspArt is solvent stable. Always test your glues before using. Instant style ‘crazy’ glues work especially well and remain clear.
- A soldering iron works very well for adding details such as lines or inscribing text. Apply carefully so that you don’t burn the edges brown.
- You can also use a soldering iron to ‘weld’ your TranspArt edges together.
- If you create a solid ‘stone’ out of TranspArt, use a soldering iron to carve out space for your LED.

Check out Kamui Cosplay's video on using TranspArt:

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