Kimono Top & Hakama Pants Pattern

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Now available from Yaya's collaboration with McCall's Patterns, Unisex Kimono and Hakama Pants pattern was designed by Yaya and is numbered M7525 for McCall's Cosplay Line!

M7525 features:
- Kimono Top with wrap tie closure
- Authentic Hakama pants
- Unisex loose fit
- Pockets on pants
- Historically accurate design

Yaya believes that an authentic, traditional Kimono and Hakama pattern is a staple for cosplayers and costume enthusiasts alike. Countless anime and video game characters wear this ensemble, often in unconventional colors, or even fabrics. This pattern is easy to follow, and allows you the freedom to create the traditional Japanese garb exactly to your specifications. It fits both men and women, and is easy to size/lengthen/shorten.
This would even be a wonderful beginner sewing project, with almost all the seams and hems being straight lines.

Pattern envelope is autographed by Yaya!

Please note that this is a paper sewing pattern and does not come with fabric. Thank you!

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