Yaya Han's Cupped Corset Pattern

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Brand new, available from Yaya's collaboration with McCall's Patterns! This cupped corset/waist cincher pattern was designed by Yaya and is numbered M7339 for McCall's Cosplay Line!

M7339 features:
- Very close fitting, fully lined and boned corset
- Separately sized cups (A/B, C and D cups)
- Underwire and seam details
- option to make waist cincher
- High back for extra support
-Grommet lacing closure

For many years, Yaya has searched for a well-fitting corset pattern with cups, until finally she designed her dream pattern with McCall's! For women of different sizes and shapes, it is so important to be able to tailor a corset to fit each of our unique bodies, and the separate cups allow you to customize the corset to YOUR shape and ensure greater comfort and style.
Additionally, you can use views A and B to easily make flattering waist cinchers, giving this pattern the added bonus of versatility and choice.

Pattern envelope is autographed by Yaya!

Please note that this is a paper sewing pattern and does not come with fabric. Thank you!

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