Yaya Han's Boned Bodysuit Pattern

$15.99 - On Sale

Now available from Yaya's collaboration with McCall's Patterns! This figure enhancing boned bodysuit pattern was designed by Yaya and is numbered M7398 for McCall's Cosplay Line!

M7398 features:
- Very close-fitting, lined and boned bodysuits
- Look A has 8 panels and back zipper closure
- Look B has 12 panels with eyelet closure for a corset effect
- Hook & eye crotch closure
- Button on collar and cuffs
- Detachable snap on fluffy tail

There are so many costumes that could benefit from this pattern. Beyond cosplay characters, the boned bodysuit can be used for bunnygirl outfits, pin-up looks, stage performances, and more! The two versions give you the option to make a more simplistic bodysuit, or go for the advanced corset bodysuit that can really cinch you in! The accessories are cute and easy to make, and really complete the look.

All patterns come signed by Yaya Han!

Please note that this is a paper sewing pattern and does not come with fabric. Thank you!

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