Unicorn Bundle (Ears, Horn, & Wig)


This bundle includes pony ears, a unicorn horn and a wig at a lower price than buying them separately!

The ears and horn are made of plastic and weigh mere ounces. They sit animatedly on your head via a comfortable yet subtle elastic band (one size fits all). Completely adjustable and can be fitted over wigs and as well as long and short hair.

Rare Purple Wig Details
This long silky smooth wig features soft layers and a side part. There is extra volume added to the long swooping bangs, making this wig flattering and versatile for a variety of fashionable characters.

circumference: 22-26 inches (55-66 cm)
bang length: 15 inches (38 cm)
length from crown: 27 inches (68 cm)
length from nape: 16 inches (40 cm)

Twilight Wig Details
Here we have a pretty long, straight wig with contrasting colored streaks. Great for cosplaying studious princesses. Features long side bangs for styling versatility.

circumference: 22-26 inches (55-66 cm)
bang/fringe length: 7 inches (18 cm)
length from crown: 30 (76 cm)
length from nape: 21 (53 cm)

All colors and styles are heat resistant up to 400° (204°C.)

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